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2017-05-20 The { insert_sf_post_date } shortcode now matches the date to the left and the date in the page source for images and videos
scheduled posting being worked on now

When put own variable have to put amount in Limit the number of generated posts and then scheduled posts do not work at all.

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The Random Posts Links Below Not Work and sometimes show the shortcodes too and now the { keywords } are missing

Tillery NC 27887 | test North Carolina
Timberlake NC 27583 | test North Carolina
Thurmond NC 28683 | test North Carolina

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Portsmouth New Hampshire Wireless Security System For Apartment

Call Free 866-918-1651 Home Security Outdoor Camera Systems Near Me Portsmouth NH 00210 | Quick Free Information Near My Location New Hampshire
8334 Liberty Street
Portsmouth, NH 00210

{county}, New Hampshire (NH)

Telephone: 866-918-1651